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alanis.jpgThe nice thing about Google Video is its increasing use as a repository for older television specials and programs. Such is the case with this 55-minute special, narrated and hosted by Alanis Morissette, that aired back in November of 2005 on PBS. From the site description,

“Filmed in the United States, Asia and South America, this wide-ranging, compelling and accessible program brings the reality of climate change to life and offers viewers inspiring examples of people who are making a difference in their own communities.

The program features numerous science experts who review a growing body of evidence of the grave consequences of a changing climate, and explores how individuals, communities and organizations across America are creating new approaches to safeguard future generations.”

So while the program is over a year old, it’s still a relevant look at the people making a difference — and the communities joining forces to battle climate change. We’re not exactly sure of the legality surrounding placing this video online (nor how long it will stay there), but for now enjoy a little education from Alanis.

No word yet on when The Great Warming (starring Keanu Reeves and Alanis) will hit online. Stay tuned!

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  • Karen Coshof

    Hi – I’m the producer of both this PBS show with Alanis and The Great Warming with Alanis and Keanu. We’ve just released The Great Warming on DVD (in 4 versions with over 70 min. of never-before-seen content. To buy, visit or call 1 800 493 9369. For every DVD sold, we’re donating $2 to one of our enviro/faith partners – you can select which one from a list. Thanks y’all, for CARING!!!

  • karen ringland

    I know Alanis personally.
    I would not buy it.
    Anything she is in invoved in turns to shit.