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It's Official: Al Gore Announces "Live Earth" Concert Spectacular

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snipshot_b21lb869hrqc.jpgFinally, the curtain has been raised and the details have been revealed for Al Gore’s latest entertainment project. Titled “Live Earth”, the concerts are being organized by the same people behind “Live 8” and will cover all seven continents; including Antarctica. Brrrr….

The kick-off for this round-the-world event will be on July 7, 2007 (07-07-07). The current list of performers (most likely to change/grow) includes Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, John Mayer, Duran Duran, Korn, Pharrell, the Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Enrique Iglesias, Fall Out Boy, AFI, John Mayer, Damien Rice, Corrine Bailey Rae, Keane, Kelly Clarkson, Korn, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I guess Oasis band member, Noel Gallagher, is sticking to his “these concerts don’t do anything” mentality.  Organizer Kevin Wall, however, has a different opinion,

“Our success, I hope, is to act like a tipping point for a lot of movements that are already happening,” says Wall, who approached Gore with the idea after seeing his film, An Inconvenient Truth. “I told Al, ‘Two million people have seen this movie — two billion people will watch this event. We’ll give you the microphone. Let’s make a change here.'”

Not only will there be music, but also short films and educational presentations (slide shows?). The event will be broadcast in over 120 countries — on NBC and seven cable networks in the U.S. — and webcast on MSN (revenues from ticket sales will go towards various environmental groups). It sounds great — but one thing concerns me. From the article,

“We’ll start in Shanghai, and go to Sydney and Rio De Janeiro and Washington D.C. and London and Johannesburg and finish the show in Kyoto at the old Buddhist temple where we would do an acoustic show and ask the world to take a breath.”

…and hopefully not inhale all the emissions you’ve just released by jetting around the world from concert to concert. Obviously, we’re expecting someone to stand up and say the entire event is carbon neutral with offset credits falling out of participants pockets. The message may be more important than the potential environmental impact of the event, but there had better be some responsibility on the part of the organizers to cover their tracks with green. I’m still looking for that.

I fully expect Gore to wear tie-dye, grab a head-band, and start rockin’ out to Lenny Kravitz. Till then, the included photo is all we can expect.

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