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To piggyback on our previous post, I’d like to give some more information on the Live Earth concerts that will take place on July 7 all around the world.

Yes, that’ right, 7-7-7. Concerts on all 7 continents around the world. I’m feeling a theme, here. They wanted 7 concerts, but it seems there will be more…there is so much interest.

And though it didn’t seem so at first, all of the concerts will be happening on this day, around the world. It will be heard by over 2 billion people through the web, tv, and radio.

The home on the web for this concert and all of the information around is It is being called Save Our Selves. You’ll also find a special MSN Live Earth site here:

Expect the buzz on this to take over, the tickets for these events to sell out in split seconds. I imagine that it will be the concert – the event of this generation.

Watch the press conference on this for many more details, words from many including Al Gore, Pharrell Williams, Rock en español band, Mana, and Cameron Diaz.

Apparently, two cities on the east coast in the US are still fighting over the rights to the concert. We’ve heard D.C. already, but it’s not set in stone. My guess is their competition is New York.

They will announce the stadiums in 30 days. They also expect many cities to have no drive days on 7/7/7.

This is going to be interesting!!

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  • john black

    I’m looking forward to this! With Al’s clout, me thinks the lineups are going to be awesome. And for the biggest cause that I can think of today other than Iraq. Here is a question and I am by no means dissing Al Gore. Why is it that Democrats who have held high office seem to do their best work AFTER they leave office. Think Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton among others. Good and Important work. Just a thought. And I do hope Al wins the Nobel for Peace. It would be appropiate.

  • bill

    I’m looking forward to see Duran Duran, but I still don’t know in which stage they will appear.

  • londonman

    Led Zeppelin, McCartney&Ringo, original GNR and Pink Floyd would be nice too.