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tickets.jpgIf you’re like me, you probably don’t think much about the little paper tickets you receive for events. Sure, we all might have some tucked away in a shoebox or stuck on a wall commemorating a certain event; but most get ripped and tossed without a care, not to mention the resources that go into making such little pieces of paper.

One company, called InTicketing, has a green plan for your all-access passes and they’re working to “Save The World, One Ticket at a Time”. From the release,

“CEO and Founder of In Ticketing Stephen Weisz states, “The live music experience is meant to be fun and memorable; why not make a difference at the same time by planting one tree per ticket? Now our patrons automatically participate in bettering the environment simply by purchasing a ticket online to one of their favorite events.”

Not only do the tickets help with greening the planet, but they’re also made from chlorine-free recycled paper with hemp/flax fiber and soy-based inks for printing. We’d love to see “Live Earth” use this company for their ticket needs; if not follow a similar road of eco-printing. They list Burning Man as one of their clients which means massive events are not outside the scope of their support.

If you have an event coming up and need some ticket management, consider using their site and service to give it that extra green touch! Hit up the jump for more!

Thanks to Lee from Exhuberant Pantaphobia for the tip!

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