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snipshot_b21dt9mfxq58.jpgWhile the spotlight is on Gore and his crossover from politics to the enterainment industry, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California danced moves in the opposite direction years ago and has fast become a successful leader. One dimension of this republican governor that has stuck out like a sore thumb among fellow party politicans has been his commitment to environmental efforts. Indeed, the green initiatives Schwarzenegger has either supported or developed contributed greatly to his reelection this past November. Now, those same policies are being called upon by Canada’s British Columbian government.

Premier Gordon Campbell, who up to this point has been suspicious of policies like the Kyoto Protocol, has announced the formation of climate-action team to develop policies that will make the B.C. government the first “carbon-neutral” administration in North America by 2010; among other targets (such as reducing green house gas emissions by 33% below current levels by 2020). They’ve also gone ahead and will adopt California’s
automobile emission standards starting in 2009. All of this has come about as a result of meetings with Schwarzenegger’s advisers, flying in Terry Tamminen, the environmental consultant and architect of California’s plan to talk with Campbell.

Schwarzenegger had this to say about the Premier’s new green policies,

“I am pleased that British Columbia has joined the fight against climate change. I look forward to meeting with Premier Campbell and working with British Columbia on this critical issue.”

Very cool to see Arnold’s work getting some recognition beyond the states. Let’s hope it continues to spread to more locales; including the U.S. Federal government. Hit the article for more. 

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