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eco_tv.jpgWe’ve got some news and we wanted our readers to hear it first. Ecorazzi has recently formed a partnership with Lightworks Producing Group to develop a television show around the Ecorazzi concept. Currently being shopped around to networks, the show is tentatively titled Ecorazzi.TV. Two-time Emmy Award winner, veteran producer and former New York Entertainment Tonight Bureau Chief Karen Shapiro will lead development on the eco-fun, eco-sexy show.

Ecorazzi was started WAY back in August of 2006 with a single purpose: to draw attention to those in the spotlight helping to make a difference on our planet. We felt that the casual mention of such endeavours of good will were all too often being lost in the daily landslide of gossip and gab. Since its inception, we’ve found others with similar interests; in fact, we’re very honored to have a readership of many thousands per day helping us spread some ‘good green gossip’. We’re hoping that in much the same way as we’ve done online, our partnership with Lightworks will enable us to inject some guilt-free gossip onto the television scene for millions of viewers.

Following in the footsteps of Ed Begley Jr. and his production crew for Living With Ed, we hope that Ecorazzi.TV will be a green production utilizing eco-friendly concepts from carbon emissions offsets to sustainable fashion.

So sit back, get your organic and fair-trade snacks ready, and continue watching here for more details. As always, we’ll continue to give you the latest green gossip and planet-friendly entertainment news here on the site. Our thanks to everyone who continues to support this site everyday.

Read our press release or visit our press section. 

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  • lornadoone

    That is such great news! Congratulations. I would totally watch that show . . .

  • Victoria E

    Woot! I am so happy to hear that an official partnership has been made. I’m eager to see how this develops :)

  • becky

    Awesome!!! Congrats everyone!! If you ever need an Idaho person, I’m yours. :)

  • Christine


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