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snipshot_b21lmcq1txgg.jpgYou know that “No Animals Were Harmed During The Making of This Movie” bit that always puts you at ease after an animal-fueled violent film? Well, you can’t just slap that on and have everyone take your word in good faith. Apparently, that small sentence requires verification from American Humane’s Certified Animal Safety Representatives — which is free for SAG productions in the states. Such third-party oversight is an important piece of animal welfare and safety on set.

So, every year when Oscar-nominations are announced, American Humane makes a point to call-out those films with no animal-rights guarantees. This year’s list includes Apocalypto, Borat, The Last King of Scotland, Babel, Marie Antoinette, Blood Diamond, Notes on a Scandal, and The Queen. 

To be fair, most of these movies were filmed outside the United States and either declined Animal Humane’s services or did not know about them. A majority of the time, we can expect that animals are treated fairly on set. However, films such as Borat, should probably have had someone on hand to supervise animal care. There are a few spots in the film that make me wonder….I’m especially puzzled that Pamela Anderson had no issues with a bear head in a fridge. From the site,

“American Humane has reached out to distributors of the above films in an effort to gain reassurance and an explanation for the action that depicts cruelty to animals. We have not as yet received responses. Perhaps their belief is that the potential accolades overshadow the acts of violence to the animals. American Humane can only stand firmly in asking: Were the animals actually harmed for the sake of the film? Judging by the many consumer concerns we receive, we are not alone in our query.”

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Did that horse really get hurt? Were those birds really shot on set? Is that a real bear’s head? (kidding…) Let’s hope next year’s list is a bit shorter.

[UPDATE] Looks like PETA did sue Borat. Click here for more… 

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