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snipshot_b2lo3k8vi6b.jpgGlobal Green kicked off Oscar festivities last night with a celebrity fueled party; including Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz, James Blunt, Petra Nemcova, Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger (who looked absolutely smokin’!), Andrea Bowen, and whole who’s who of other stars. Maroon 5 provided the entertainment.

Gossip-wise, Orlando Bloom and Penelope Cruz (the two are rumored to be dating) kept their distance and chatted briefly; while James Blunt and his supermodel girlfriend gushed about their love for each other and the environment. From the article,

“There’s no separating them when it comes to their cause, either. Asked which of them was greener than the other, Blunt demurred, “I think we have an equal interest.” Nemcova just giggled and countered, “Competition is good.”

The supermodel said she isn’t above getting her hands dirty. On a TLC reality series she’s working on, she took the wannabe models to a park to plant saplings. “We were digging, and I had the best time,” she says. “Anybody can do it.”

The pair said they scuba dive and are passionate about the outdoors, and Blunt agreed that a beautiful woman and the beauty of nature only enhance each other.”

I give them three months.

We’re going to hook you up with the site, JustJared, who seems to have the hook-ups for the latest Paparazzi shots. For Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, click here. For Orlando’s wild hair, click here. For Penelope and her look-alike sister, hit it. And finally, some some Jame Blunt/Petra Nemcova action, click here.

[UPDATE] Apparently, what we thought was a reliable source, USA Today, never bothered to stick around past the Red Carpet. In an earlier report, we mentioned that Leo did not show up, when in fact he did, but bypassed the media frenzy out front. We apologize for the confusion and many thanks to all those that commented about his appearance!

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  • Ann

    Leo was there – didn’t you see the photos of him with Orlando and Penelope at wire image? Also, In Style online

    Orlando Bloom joined event co-chairs (and Oscar Nominees) Penélope Cruz and Leonardo DiCaprio for the Third Annual Global Green Pre-Oscar Party at Avalon. After posing—on the green carpet, of course—the stunning threesome joined dynamic duos like Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger and James Blunt and Petra Nemcova to head inside the L.A. hot spot for the carbon-neutral bash, which raised money for the green rebuilding of New Orleans.

  • Lisa

    Apparently Leo was there. There are pictures of him inside the event with the other stars at wireimage. He didn’t walk the red carpet. I don’t know how long he stayed.

  • James

    Leo was there; I saw him arrive in his Honda hybrid. Also, Ed Norton was one of the cohosts on the invitation and he was a noshow- how come no one was complaining about that? Maybe no one cared about seeing him,lol.

  • Mike

    USA Today is wrong! Leo was definitely there last night.

    There are photos of him at the event here:

  • kim

    Orlando and penelope are a couple. They should come out and admit it already when they go together to oscar night. I liked the picture of orlando, leo, and penelope together. I hope there are pictures coming that show penelope and orlando hugging, kissing, or holding hands. It’s time that we see the new couple because every couple in hollywood eventually gets photograghed together. i hope they eventually get married and have beautiful children. What I don’t get is why some sources say they chatted a few times briefly but there was no public display of affection, and then star magazine says she is romping around with Orlando bloom and is currently dating him. If you guys are an item, admit it already because eventually your reps will.

  • Lisa

    Kim this is getting really obsessive. Why do you go to every board that mentions Orlando and post this type of stuff? Stop the madness PLEASE

  • rebecca

    That whole USA Today thing was ridiculous. Sorry about that, guys. You’d think that you could quote USA Today and not have the sky fall down.

    On a more positive note, our very own Field Reporter, Summer Bowen, and Video Producer, Damien Somerset, were on the green carpet. We’ll have video clips of their interviews live as soon as they are ready!