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snipshot_b214aal4oas3.jpgAhead of the Global Green Pre-Oscar bash last night, (of which we’ll have plenty of coverage soon) almost 30 eco-friendly cars were lined up in a Hollywood parking lot for perusal by celebs. The car show was part of a campaign started by GG almost five years ago to encourage environmentally-friendly transportation over gas-guzzling limos.

On display was the electric ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) brand, developed by Steve Schneider. Choices from the automaker included  a mini pick-up and a three-wheeler. Schneider was also on hand to announce the opening of a new dealership in Glendale.  ZAP vehicles currently start at a reasonable $10,000.

Beyond the hybrids and plug-in hybrids, the biggest star in the lot by far was the scarlet Tesla Roadster. This all-electric sportscar has already been ordered by over 330 celebrities, including George Clooney. According to Tesla vice president Darryl Siry, it’s ‘faster than most Porsches’ from 0-60.  From the article,

“But organizers were secretive about who would be the lucky passenger to ride in the Tesla on Sunday. Would it be the sultry Spaniard and best actress nominee Penelope Cruz, who was also attending Wednesday’s green party?

‘Only if I’m driving,’ said Siry”

We’ll give you the low-down on Oscar night about who is driving what. To everyone who has rented a stretch-Hummer for the Oscars, there is still time to do the right thing. We’ll be watching!

Thanks to Melissa and Linton for the tip!

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