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Latina actress-turned-activist Jackie Guerra has been busy this month on her workers’ rights radio show, Workin’ It. From her new role behind the microphone, the comedian and co-star of the hit film, Selena, and the critically acclaimed PBS drama series, American Family, has been sending out the call “Si, se puede!” in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Act, currently on its way through Congress, would fill some long-existing holes in the 1935 National Labor Relations Act and improve protections for American workers seeking to come together in unions without facing reprisal from their employers. For Guerra, a lifelong upporter of the plight of hardworking immigrant latinos seeking to climb up from bottom rung of the economic ladder, sees the Act as an incremental but powerful tool for workers. Says Guerra, “This legislation restores workers rights the same way we eat tortillas: one by one.”

Here, here. Apparently, Jackie’s been working overtime, herself. Last year, she scribed about her hard-won battle with weight loss and low self-esteem in her book, Under Construction , designs and sells her own jewelry, and is a regular magazine contributor on topics of interest to American women and workers. We’re tired just thinking about all that.

It’s refreshing when we see a celeb sticking to their guns about a cause they supported long before they were famous. Thats the right kind of tenacity. Just make sure those tortillas are “maiz”.

They’re a lot tastier.

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