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Live Blogging! The 79th Annual Academy Awards

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academy.jpgSo, here we go. I’ll be live-blogging and providing commentary tonight on the 79th Annual Academy Awards. I hope you’ll stay with me and provide some comments of your own down below. So, without further adieu…

12:16am: And, we’re done. Thanks for playing along — hooray for An Inconvenient Truth and Melissa Etheridge! More great news on the after-parties and everything in between to come here on Ecorazzi! Goodnight from NY!

12:15am: Wow, what an upset! The Departed beat out Babel to win for Best Picture.

12:09am: Martin Scorceses has WON! His reply, “Will you check the envelope, please?” Finally!

11:59pm: Whatever after-party Gore attends, they better be ready to offset that puppy…

11:56pm: The commentary behind the scenes is so bad, it hurts. Did you see that horse race thing they put together? Ugh.

11:55pm: Helen Mirren wins for Best Actress. Very nice. Damn, she looks great. Well spoken.

11:45pm: Here comes the sad part….

11:29pm: Woo Hoo! Another win for An Inconvenient Truth! Melissa Etheridge’s song has won. She’s thanking Al Gore for inspiring her, us–that caring about the Earth is not Republican or Democrat — not red or blue — it’s all about green. She says that we can be the greatest generation that changes it all. Nice win, Melissa!

11:12pm: Ellen’s Jack Nicholson bit was hilarious. Now comes the time when everyone at home wishes they would get to Best Actor, Best Actress, Director, and Best Picture. Sadly, take another sip of that coffee…it’s gonna be a bit.

11:00pm: Thinkprogress already has some great video from the Oscars with the moment that both Leo and Gore were on stage. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look for the laughs alone. Thanks to Linton for this one!

10:47pm: GORE WINS! GORE WINS! Break out the bubbly, dance naked, turn off a light, go buy a hybrid! Woo Hoo! The producers are thanking Gore. Al is thanking his family, his academy…”My fellow Americans…people all over the world…we can solve the problems of climate change…” I’ll get his more exact words later…awesome!

10:34pm: Clooney: “I was just backstage with Jack Nicholson and Al Gore…we were drinking. I…I don’t think he’s running for president….” Cut to Gore laughing. Clooney: “My apologies.”

10:28pm: So, as I mentioned before, Leo and Al announced that the Oscars have gone green. You can find out exactly what this means by click here and visiting the official site.

10:25pm: Is anyone else getting excited about ‘Best Documentary’? It’s coming up!!

10:08pm: Sherry Lansing is commending people in the movie industry for their work in helping others; she’s also sharing the honor with those not in the spotlight who, in her words, are the ‘true heroes’. Great speech.

10:05pm: Tom Cruise is out to present The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. This year’s winner is Sherry Lansing for her amazing work in supporting cancer research and various other charities. She was the former head of Paramount; which is slightly ironic since it was that studio that recently let Cruise go this summer. A fantastic honor for a woman so dedicated. Congrats!

9:58pm: ABC gives us a reminder that a special on the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa is tomorrow night at 10EST. We’ll tell ya all about it. For more on her school, click here.

9:55pm: Tom Hanks, “You bet, Chris. More fun!” He nailed that.

9:44pm: Well, we’ve got some green themes here. Happy Feet just won for best animated movie. While not the center of the story, the film does address the issue of climate change as it effects some hip, cool dancing penguins. Nice.

9:42pm: Ellen is saying that because the show is green, the Academy wants her to recycle some jokes from earlier in her career…..so, she’s talking about Gilligans Island

9:35pm: Leo and Al are on stage together. Al is thanking everyone (including Leo) in the film industry for helping with Climate Change. They’ve announced the Oscars have gone green. Leo is saying how proud he is to be standing next to Al Gore, a phenomenal leader for the fight against Global Warming. Leo is trying to get Gore to announce a run for President. Hilarious. The music cut him off. Is this an entertaining Oscars or what?

9:33pm: Etheridge is performing her song from Gore’s movie. One real nice touch are the eco tips being shown in the background — the same that were shown during the movie’s credits. This song is leaps and bounds better than the Newman/Taylor tune from Cars. She’s rockin’ it.

9:16pm: I second the comment. Ellen is hilarious tonight. Great choice to host.

9:13pm: The sound effects choir. Wow.

8:57pm: That comedian musical number was hilarious. Bravo.

8:34pm: Ellen Degeneres is going through her opening. Tonight is the most international Oscars ever.

8:30pm: Alright, now we’re moving. Melissa Etheridge, ” I was able to rhyme An Inconvenient Truth..with youth.”

8:27pm: Bring back Seacrest! This red carpet preview is terrible.

8:03pm: Leonardo DiCaprio is first up on the ‘Official Red Carpet’ coverage talking about Blood Diamond and the reason he chose it to address the issue of conflict diamonds. Flash to a shot of Gore’s black hybrid Prius. Leo hopes that more movies that address such issues are put out in the theatres.

8:00pm: Here we go!

7:46pm: Kate Winslet is in mint green. I see a theme developing here…

7:25pm: Celine Dion is in green. Hot.

7:23pm: Juliana from E! is in love with Leo. The fashion police are giving him big compliments. Looks like a tux to me. Anyways, in the meantime, check out this cool CNN video on Gore that I found over on Hugg. Rock it.

7:10pm: Leo’s up. Nothing green to report here. Acting pretty cool. Using ‘hey man’ and ‘thank you brother’ slang with Ryan. Isn’t giving away too much. As usual, Leo is someone who keeps his cards close to the chest. Respect.

7:05pm: Prius spotted! Actually, several Prius(i) just went flying by the red carpet. Global Green’s transportation is in full effecty

6:55pm: Well, as in previous Oscar specials, they’re not really focusing on who’s attending in what. So, we’ll have to leave it to Ryan Seacrest’s engaging conversations to reveal any juice details on vehicle choices. I came in on the tail-end of Al Gore’s arrival with Tipper and only briefly heard him mention that William Hung should be the guy who plays him in a movie. She Bangs! Gore also mentioned that his favorite song is Melissa Etheridge’s “I Need To Wake Up”; which is more a plug for the fact that it’s the feature song on ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and also nominated tonight. For some of Gore’s favorite songs on iTunes, click here.

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