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snipshot_bx97pl4veh1.jpgLocal Celebrity, maker of hip, humorous, and downright 70s-style t-shirts, has launched a partnership with Global Green to fight the good fight on global warming and introduce a new campaign to the masses. Called “Respect Your Mother”, the effort is meant to raise awareness and money for a cause which the they feel needs more attention; aka Mother Nature.

From the press release,

“The message is serious, but of course the t-shirt is fun and sparks conversation, which is
what Local Celebrity is known worldwide for. ‘We hope to use our humor and ability to connect with pop-culture to create as much awareness as possible,’ says Don Calder, President of Local Celebrity. ‘We are on the 9th floor of our office building, facing the Hollywood Hills, which is a beautiful view on the days that we can actually see anything. If it is a clear day we can look out of our office window and see the Hollywood sign, but on some days when the smog shifts all you can see is funk-nastyness –scary!'” We couldn’t have said it better.

The t-shirts will be available online through their official site and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Global Green USA. The site description says that each shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, marinated in $$$ sauce for classic vintage look & feel,  and  guarantees that “You’ll Be Looking Good Sucka!” Who can argue with a selling point like that? The company is even absorbing the extra cost of selling organic tees so that everyone can pick one up at a reasonable price. So, hit the site for more Local Celebrity goodness and do your part to respect your mother! 

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