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TV personality and model Alicia Mayer is the latest celebrity to slip into a lettuce bikini for PETA. Others have already donned lettuce bikinis in the past, including PETA activist Jodi Ruckley, actress Traci Bingham, and of course, Pamela Anderson. Alicia just recently became a vegetarian and wanted to help spread the word about its benefits and how it could help save animals.

“I’m asking people to turn over a new leaf and go vegetarian,” she says in a statement. “With so many delicious alternatives now available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy great food without causing animal suffering.”

Other celebrity PETA supporters in the Philippines include model Isabel Roces, who posed in a cabbage-leaf gown a few years ago, actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez, and musician Kitchie Nadal.

I must say it’s a pleasant surprise seeing a local bombshell get involved in such projects. I’m personally not a fan of Alicia’s work on TV over here, but for this campaign, I’m giving her a thumbs up.

Image courtesy of PEP

  • Oliver

    I don’t know about PETA. But I love burgers and Alicia Mayer.

  • Andrea

    Its great more Philippine celebs are promoting vegetarianism, especially with bird flu becoming so prevalent in that region.

  • hadrian

    I saw alicia mayer promoting vegetarianism on tv and she said, she’s the “1st” to promote it in the philippines. I hope PETA informs her that before her were Chin-Chin Gutierrez and Isabel Roces. No offense meant, but I find the 2 other girls sexier because they are intelligent and they know what they are saying. I hope PETA doesn’t just go for “bodies” but with BRAINS.

  • lynn

    Unless she means she’s the first to wear the bikini in the country? Hmm, I do hope PETA will correct that impression of hers. Will have to find a video clip of that. The campaigns featuring Isabel Roces are very nice, I have to agree, and I’m a big fan of Chin-Chin.

  • George

    That was kewl, I appreciate Alicia’s dedication for changing on what we eat. I don’t see a big issue with regards to her statement about being the first, we can all be the first! A good decision when it comes to animal issues, this is a big deal for me coz I finally realize the cruelty in the meat industry which is so disgusting. Thanks for the vegetarian starter kit which PETA sent me last month, this saves my life and the lives of the animals. Keep it up Alicia and PETA!

  • lucy

    if kitchie nadal supports PETA then why is she endorsing Mcdonald’s? argh!

  • http://notavailable Judith

    I am no vegan but I make sure that it is what I mainly eat in my daily diet. I take white meat (from chiken & fish) for protien source basically as healthy option. When I started diving, I thought how embarassing it was to have been eating them (the fishes). But there are animals meant and not meant to be eaten. As not all plants are meant for consumption as well. What we need to know and understand that for every tree one cuts, he must plant 10 seedlings in return.For every animal life we take for consumption, we must raise more or take care and protect their natural habitat in return, so that those plants and animal species can continue to give life…we need to do something to ensure their survival as well. It is a give and take world, not just for us humans to take and keep on taking. We have responsibilities to protect animals, domesticated or wild as well as their natural habitat. Plants and animals are symbols for healthy earth and their survival means our own.

  • JOEY

    how do i get in touch w/ peta philippines? email address please :)

  • AM

    Check on . You’ll find all the info you’ll need. Good luck and God bless.

  • punkoi

    yeah, i really agree with the per se of knowing your existence or your purpose and not only coz of publicity and nonsense reasons, im a vegan and it’s by choice, not really coz i am a dead fish that swim with the flow.

  • Mythily Nair

    I have been working with the Blue cross and the rescue Zoo as a volunteer for the past 6 years.and i completely understand the promoting veg campaigns PETA is doing,But before we try to get people to be veg which will not happen,what we need is to pro,ote humane killing in slaughter houses.make people aware of the atrocities happening there and do something about that will lessen suffering at an imediate level

  • chooey

    I want to be an animal rights volunteer or a PETA volunteer. As in official. How do I start? Please help me….

  • blade

    Is it legal or ethical for subd. homeowners to issue resolution requiring your pets to be confined to a person’s own residence and that even if you have registered your pet on the proper govt. agency? That even though you were legally registered as the owner of such pet, but once it went outside your residence will be considered a “stray” pet?

  • Bryan

    Can u pls give me sites or books concerning some situations or incident of animal cruelty or against animal rights “IN THE PHILIPPINES.” any news paper column or books will do. pls. I need it for my thesis.

  • jelai

    i believe that im helping animals by just being a vegetarian,im one of the biggest meat eater,but that was before i love animals,i saw a website depicting how chickens were treated prior to being slaughtered to become food.peta dont force others to become a vegetarian its a choice.and i made a choice to support the animals.

  • hypokret

    with PETA you are not allowed to sell animal flesh but anytime you can sell and you can eat human flesh..get it?

  • herwin

    dear Hypokret, i have a little group in Afganistan called the TALIBAN . We seem to share some same values so please come and join us.

  • fesh

    PETA stand for

    People Eating Tasty Animals