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Despite Kanye West’s involvement with Red and Six Degrees, he loses points big time for this little stunt. According to ABC News, West ordered takeout on Sunday from an Indian restaurant in Wales and will have it delivered to New York on Wednesday for a meeting with 7 people. 

Not only will the meal of onion bhajees, chapati breads, biryanis, pappadums, fish and veggies need to be prepared, shrink-wrapped and packed in dry ice to preserve freshness, but Kaysor Ahmed, head chef from the restaurant, will be helicoptered from Wales to London where he’ll catch a direct flight to New York to oversee the transport and delivery of the meal.

And the cost for Kanye’s indulgence? $3900 not including the cost of travel and accomodation for the head chef and DEFINITELY NOT including the costs of carbon emissions, energy and resource usage and the loss of respect of ecorazzi and eco-conscious fans everwhere.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Kanye’s antics from here on out. Speaking of which, Kanye – that fur had better be fake!

  • becky

    We also should be wondering who actually agreed to fly this across the Atlantic. Can’t anyone say NO to celebrities? Someone who would do this disgusts me

  • christal

    I was astounded by this!!! what an incredible waste of resources. couldn’t they have flown the chef in- to cook locally grown & more sustainably harvested foods??? still, it would be an excess, but if they had offset the carbons- might have potentially been carbon neutral….. this money certainly could have gone to better use. so wrong on so many levels!! I love your music, but your arrogance has got to go.
    kanye west doesn’t care about the climate crisis.

  • Jasmin

    This is just disgusting.

  • rebecca

    Great point Becky, it takes two to tango. The chef could have said no.

  • Andrea

    I’ve always thought Indian food across the pond was tastier, but not that much better!

    Something tells me that fur isn’t fake, grrr.

  • roz

    oh who cares. its not as if it was a charter flight for the food. if you get hung up on how rich people spend their money you will go crazy.

  • karen

    Real great…so soliders are eating MRE’s in the middle of the desert and he is getting takeout from different continents. His actions are just plain rude.

  • karen

    Real great…so soldiers are eating MRE’s in the middle of the desert and he is getting takeout from different continents. His actions are just plain rude.

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  • strick2k

    you lot need to get a life, dissin kanye just cause he few an indian takeaway from wales to london to new york? so f**kin what, he has the money to do so, and again if that fur is real, so what its his choice, you eco freaks need to sort your heads out

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