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Obvio 828The Smart car better look out because a new car will be in town next year, and it is even cuter. Hailing from Brazil, the Obvio will be sold exclusively through ZAP! in the US.

These 4-wheeled wonders are…wait for it…wait for it…TRYBRIDS. That’s right. A car that will run on gas, natural gas, or and ethanol. (Yup, any combo of the three.) Oh, and there is an electric version, too. Sounds like the bases are covered. (I know, I know – “What, no biodiesel?”…let’s go easy on them, people. A trybrid and EV option? Sounds like a great start to me.)

828 Obvio - Pedals are Flip Flops!Speaking of biodiesel, I know Mandy Moore is running on veggie oil now, but can’t you just picture her in this car that has pedals that look like Havaianas? Plus, the doors open like a Lamborghini to add to an extra cool (red carpet?) entrance. (We hear a prototype of the car has been driving around Santa Rosa, CA lately, and stopping traffic!)

Very proud to be the manufacturers of cars “designed by drivers for drivers” as well as their commitment to sustainability, Obvio has also just reached an agreement with CO2e. Through this relationship they will create a low carbon emitting process, and offset the remainder to become carbon neutral. Obvio customers will also have the opportunity to do the same for their vehicle.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are some of the facts and figures:

828 Trybrid – est. $14,000. Capable of 100 mph. Almost 30 mpg city driving, and over 40 mpg on highway driving when equipped with when equipped with ZAP Eco-Flexible SUPER ULTRA LOW EMISSION VEHICLE (SULEV). 828 Electric – est. $49,000. Capable of 120 mph. 200-240 mile range. The cars are short enough to park head-in in a parallel spot. That’s less than 5.5 feet wide and less than 9 feet long. It seats 3…all up front. The 012 Trybrid & Electric won’t be ready until 2009, and come in at a bit higher of a price point. ($28K for the Trybrid, $59K for the electric)

Attention Ed Begley Jr.: Your next red carpet ride has arrived! Hit the Obvio website for more details.

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  • Jason

    I am an intern working at ZAP. The future is very bright for this auto company, and this is just one of many new vehicles that will be hitting the market. Zap has recently announced a partnership with Lotus to design a higher performance electric cross-over vehicle that can go 350 miles on a single charge and has a quick re-charge time of 10 minutes. Currently Zap is manufacturing the Xebra sedan and PK and has just added a solar panel option to help further reduce the cost of re-charging the vehicle.

    Visit for more information on the many ZAP products. Zap is the leader in advanced vehicle transportation technology.

  • Richard

    Are you kidding me, it only get 29 mpg?

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