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el_santo.jpgWhile I’ve yet to see the Jack Black movie, Nacho Libre, its take on the Mexican Wrestling league, or Lucha Libre, has me interested. At least, that’s what I can gather from the trailer. Giving me even more impetus to subject myself to a movie that may be only remotely funny is news today that professional Mexican wrestler, Hijo del Santo (“Son of the Saint”), is laying an eco-smackdown on the Pacific coastline. The silver masked hero pledged yesterday “to devote the greater part of this year to raising consciousness about how human actions are threatening the ocean.” From the article,

“The wrestler, son of Mexico’s most famous fighter, El Santo, will aid the U.S.-based nongovernmental organization WildCoast with its campaign to stop sea turtle consumption in Mexico, defend protected areas on California’s coast and promote saving the gray whales in Baja California.

`I began to worry, to become interested, and I was affected very much by the statistics on what is happening,” Hijo del Santo told a news conference that included the presentation of a mock movie trailer announcing `Santo vs. the Enemies of the Sea.”’

To raise awarness for the issues facing residents, El Hijo will visit coastal communities in Northern Mexico and distribute comics featuring his wrestling character battling threats to the ocean. From the article,

“His latest venture reflects a long tradition in Mexico, where legions of the leotard-wearing wrestlers have participated in everything from presidential campaigns to battles for affordable housing.”

YES! This is what we need. More heroes in the fight against climate change, pollution, Hummers, and giant lizards! We need people to dress up, grab a mic, and start preaching the good green word. Nothing says ‘Look at me!” like a man in spandex and colorful accessories. Of course, nothing says, “Throw me in jail” like that either. I commend El Hijo and hope he considers a trip state-side to help additional communities face the realities of a troubled ocean ecosystem. The world needs heroes. Jack Black, get that costume ready!

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  • Serge Dedina

    Thanks for your nice words about our campaign. And we will be in Tijuana next week to really launch the campaign and in California later on in the year to promote ocean conservation.

    Please connect with Fay Crevoshay our Comunications Director to get email alerts/press releasees on the campaign.

    Serge Dedina
    Executive Director
    Imperial Beach, California
    Tijuana, Mexico