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In the end, I guess Elizabeth Hurley failed to take our advice. Shocking. The actress was wed last week to Arun Nayar in India, and there is a great article from The Independent and an insightful conversation over on Grist regarding the carbon footprint of the event. Before we get into the sordid numbers, let’s be reminded that Hurley is one of the ‘greener’ members of Hollywood. Her gift registry requests were for plants and animals for her new organic farm; and she has plans to launch a line of organic baby food. That being said, nothing apparently gets between a bride and what she wants for her wedding day; including the environment. From the article,

“The marathon marriage began a week before, with a small civil ceremony in the 15th-century Sudeley Castle on Friday 2 March, and the couple repeated their vows in front of 250 guests in a blessing at St Mary’s Church in the castle grounds. After two days of “quiet” celebrations in the Cotswolds, the couple flew last Monday, with 24 guests, in a chartered Learjet to Mumbai. After partying there, they and 250 guests flew in seven chartered jets to Jodhpur, northern India. But at the wedding at the Umaid Bhawan Palace hotel, the head priest refused to perform the ceremony because Ms Hurley has a child with the US film producer Steve Bing, while Mr Nayar is divorced. Today, the newlyweds flyto the Maldives for their honeymoon.”

And you thought your wedding was crazy? Here are the footprint numbers,

“Best Foot Forward says the biggest polluter is the Learjet, which will emit more than 70,000kg on its 12,000-mile round-trip. Accommodation in India adds18,605kg, and food and drink 18,000kg. Flying in flowers produces 28,250kg, and flying three chefs to India adds 2,377kg. Guests and staff travelling to Gloucestershire released 30,000kg. The bride’s flight to Milan for a dress fitting added just 215kg.”

The total? A staggering 200,000kg of carbon emissions. In one week. So much for being green. According to The Independent, such a release of C02 would take a typical Indian couple 123 years to match.  Hurley should do the world a favor and hang out at her organic farm as much as possible. Our environment can hardly afford these energy bridezillas.

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