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Jolie Doing Great Work, All Press Care About Are the Tears

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angunhcr.jpgThere’s a lot of crying going on lately. Angelina Jolie confessed this week that when she started working with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), she was overwhelmed emotionally. However, that seems to be the only part of the in-depth Newsweek interview with Angelina Jolie that the rest of the press is focusing on. (Read the actual interview, then read the AP’s version. Ridiculous, if you ask me.)

She first found out about the UNHCR while travelling during filming, and soon approached them about working together. That was six years ago. Said Jolie, “I spent the next year and a half going to, first, two camps in Africa, and then Pakistan and Cambodia. And with no cameras and with no press and had the opportunity to have this great education before I spoke at all…. I was transformed in such an amazing way. ”

Eventually they convinced her to allow cameras to follow her. She wasn’t interested in that, but understood that images speak louder than words. Yet people still criticize Jolie as a “celebrity tourist”. Her answer seems dead on,

I don’t know if anybody saying that has spent the last six years of their life going to over 30 camps and really spending time with these people. I can’t care. At the end of the day, I’m sure a lot of criticism could keep a lot of people from doing this kind of work…

If someone had a direct criticism of my opinion on the issue, if someone had a direct criticism of the image shown because they think it hurts somebody then I will take that into consideration. But there are a lot of people that simply have an immediate gut reaction and they just don’t want to combine artists with foreign policy. And hey, I understand. I get it. I know where you’re coming from. And to each his own. … You know, I was more shy when I first went into a camp that other field officers would not want me there.

The entire interview is extremely interesting. And guess what else makes Ecorazzi happy? She flies commercial when she goes to these camps. Go Angelina!

Complete Newsweek article. Newsweek Angelina UNHCR Video.

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