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james.jpgCelebrities from down-under and all-over are getting behind a campaign in Australia to highlight the suffering of factory farmed pigs. From James Cromwell to Suzie Wilks to Jessica Napier, the stars are coming out to share their feelings and encourage others to help support change. The SaveBabe initiative is part of the Animals Australia group that seeks “a world where animals are not exploited for profit or entertainment and where all animal suffering is eliminated.” I encourage you to check out their website and campaigns. As James Cromwell said on the site,

“Urgent change is needed to end the suffering of hundreds of thousands of pigs, just like ‘Babe’ and Bella in intensive facilities in Australia. Most people are unaware of what occurs in these facilities or that they are supporting these industries through purchasing their products.”

My next animal companion is going to be a pot-belly pig. I’m going to head down to a local shelter and adopt some little guy looking for a home. I have several reasons for doing this; most of which contain the words bacon, ham, and sausage. Like most people, I love all of them but rarely think how they came to be on my plate. For someone who loves animals, this is pretty standard hypocrisy. However, it’s not uncommon for other animal rights supporters to sneak a piece of bacon every now and again. I’m slowly weaning myself off of meat all-together. Last weekend I chowed down on some soy bacon which was yummy delicious. I figure that if I help some pig in need, I can make a difference and slam the door on my eating habits. I’ll also need a cow and a chicken.

For those that don’t wish to give up meat, I encourage you to find alternatives. Organic farms that naturally raise animals in excellent conditions are growing in demand. Check your grocery store for options or visit your local farmers market. Also, be sure to walk the organic aisle for some nice alternatives to meat (like soy) that taste just as good as the real thing. Finally, you can also donate to organizations, like Animals Australia, that seek to encourage change and improve the conditions for animals on farms. It’s the least you can do for those who cannot defend themselves.

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  • Andrea

    Awww, I want to adopt a pig too. Probably not a good idea though for those of us in tiny apartments…