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Domino magazine cover girl Shalom Harlow, Actor/Environmentalist Edward Norton, and model Lauren Bush were among the fabulous guests at the Domino “Green” party last night. Coming off of the success of Domino‘s March “Green” Issue, the party was created to show people that being eco-friendly can be stylish, too. While guests noshed on organic appetizers and swilled organic wine, they were encouraged by pretty women in organic dresses to buy organic products displayed in the room. Phew! That’s a lot of “organic”s. But each element of the party, from the natural dyes in the recycled invitations to the eco-fluorescent lighting, was meant to make a bold (if overwhelming) statement.


Harlow is well-known for being an eco-friendly fashionista. As she browsed the shelves, she told me about the off-the-grid bee farm in Canada where she spent summers as a girl and how that experience taught her to value nature and care for the Earth. She’s the perfect spokesperson for “green” products…charming, radiant and obviously committed to her principles in everyday life.

nortonThe other true celebrity soldier in the room was Edward Norton, who has been a leader in the environmental movement long before Hollywood thought it was chic. (See other Ecorazzi posts about Edward’s work here.) I had the chance to chat with him about his latest efforts, promoting eco-tourism in Africa.

“Very few tourist lodges in Africa give anything back to their communities,” he explained. “Tourism in Africa needs to be sustainable and benefit the local people.” The proceeds from the evening will benefit The Maasai Foundation of East Africa.

This is where the blogger admits she admires Mr. Norton so much that she became rather flushed and tongue-tied. He’s the genuine article, friends: passionate about what he believes in, and talented, too.

So, as the 100% recycled cocktail napkins are recycled (again), the shelving units are donated to local artists and charities, and the discarded pomegranate seeds from the organic sprizters are composted, I’m not worried about Edward Norton or Shalom Harlow getting tired of the eco-trend. What I’m curious about is whether Domino will continue to promote green products in their “regular” issues from here on in. And whether the glamorous guests who purchased rolls of Seventh Generation paper towels last night will continue to make green efforts, even if there’s not a party thrown to mark the occasion.

Kudos, Domino! Keep promoting sustainable materials, local products and organic ingredients in your glossy pages.

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  • Jessica

    Fantastic article Valerie!!!!!

  • amber

    Thank god for activists like Ed Norton, they are living breathing testaments that the celebrity parade of self-congratulations have a break every once in a while :)

    This is awesome. I love it when people in high media places use the attention to attribute it to things worth knowing but more particularly, ways to bring conscious living in habits and practices. It’s like an ounce of dissent being injecting in the consumption batter of american culture.

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