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snipshot_d4wk1jqteqr.jpgPushing through the media maelstrom of criticism over the opening of her ‘Leadership Academy’ earlier this year, Oprah Winfrey has put officially opened her second school in South Africa. Called “The Seven Fountains School”, Oprah is hoping the institution will serve as a model for future schools throughout the country. From the article,

“Winfrey first visited the school when it was located on a farm in the area during her Christmas Kindness 2002 initiative. Bearing gifts, clothing, books and teacher training materials, she was impressed by the school’s 1,000 eager pupils and dedicated staff.

The school was later forced to move from the farm and relocated to a building with no windows, little electricity and running water and only four toilets. During a follow-up visit by Winfrey’s Angel Network in 2004, the organization committed itself to building a new school for the pupils.

‘We thought the school you had before was not good enough so we wanted to build the best school for you,’ she said.”

The new school is also a model of sustainability. Since a fresh supply of water to the area is not consistently available, Winfrey had architects install a water recycling system that harvests rain water and also uses seesaws and merry-go-rounds to pump water. The building takes advantage of solar power for electricity and also benefits from a large organic garden for daily meals.

“‘It can be done within the expectations of budgets. We used our imagination and creativity to build not only a good school but a great school,’ said Winfrey” Well done, Oprah and congratulations on another successful donation to children in need. For more information, hit the jump!

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