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Last week, Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, sprang into action for The Wild Trout Trust‘s recently-concluded charity auction. WTT protects wild trout in Britain in Ireland.

HPANA reports that “Ms. Watson donated a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express train set signed by herself, Rupert and Daniel, as well as a tote bag which was issued to the film crew and includes a thank you message from the producers and director.” Out of the £40,000 the auction raised, her donations fetched a total amount of £1489.59.

I have yet to find anything linking her with previous projects related to the charity, so I wonder why Emma chose to support this particular cause.

  • Mola

    i cannot believe she is quitting harry potter… she should just finish the series…

  • lynn

    Has it been confirmed? Last I heard, it was just a rumor and WB said it wasn’t true.

  • Alistair

    I applaud her choice of charity – the wild trout trust do a large amount of work ensuring that trout habitat is improved – it is a natural resource that one day may be gone due to poor river management.

    It is a real scoop for them, it also ensures that young people are made aware of angling which has proven to be a good way for them to become aware of nature.

  • Kirsten

    she is staying

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