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Two magazines hit the stands today all dressed in green. Both Country Home and Town & Country published their April 2007 editions with a green theme, just in time for Earth Day.


Country Home is highlighting the “Best Green Cities in America”, of which Ithaca, NY – home to Ecorazzi’s Michael d’Estries – ranks #2 overall. It was beat out by Burlington, Vermont.

In the issue you’ll also find lots of green decorating tips, including a tour of Danny Seo‘s new home and how he found all of his eco-friendly items. Plus, Country Home took some time to focus on sustainable, local food – including some yummy looking recipes.

We even found a new green celebrity tidbit in the mag: Mary Steenburgen has a store called Rooms & Gardens in Santa Monica – lots of antiques! Plus, instead of using plastic bags to give to shoppers, they use reusable bags from


Town & Country covered lots of green topics, as well, from the “Top 75 Natural & Organic Beauty Products” to useful green tips for readers in their “Going, Going, GREEN” section. On the beauty front, we were pleased to see nice explanations about suspect toxins & chemicals with potential harmful effects like parabens & phthalates.

Profiles of eco-celebs Bette Midler & Ali Hewson covered their respective projects, such as Midler’s New York Restoration Project and Divine Program, currently in the works: “Launching this spring it aims to reclaim neighborhoods in a vertical fashion by planting ivy vines along blank walls to discourage graffiti.”The “Wholier Than Thou” article covered “how not to lose your friend in your quest to save the earth” – and reminded me very much of South Park’s Smug Alert.

We also came across some cool websites that we can’t wait to look into further like Ecomanor, Captain Planet Foundation, Las Vegas Springs Preserve, and Morgan’s Rock which I now have to visit!

Finally, they featured 4 great eco-women in “Four Forces for Nature”: Deirdre Imus, Frances Beinecke, Paulette Cole, and Leslie Hoffman. Hoffman was quoted as saying, “Most nonprofits have celebrities who help them out, but I’m a middle-aged woman who’s into garbage. For a celebrity, that’s not really a sexy draw!”

Both mags were interesting. Check them out. If you haven’t already read our piece on magazines & the environment, you might want to take a few minutes and swallow that information, as well.

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  • Moga

    The April issue of Outside magazine is entirely devoted to “green” topics. Even if you’re not a avid reader of Outside, there are some decent articles that are worth checking out.

    PS – Can anyone figure out why Toyota chose to place a full-page ad for the Tundra in this issue?

  • RemyC

    The April issue of Penthouse has Dita Von Teese squeezing into a green corset… I think they’re sending us a subliminal message.