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globalcool.jpgAs part of its ten year initiative to inspire people to reduce their carbon footprints, non-profit group Global Cool is launching an SMS-based campaign on their MySpace site. Actress Sienna Miller (and former wife of Jude Law–idiot.) and actor Josh Hartnett will be leading the marketing push for the idea. From the article,

“The campaign, which breaks on March 23, will encourage consumers to pay £2 a month to learn simple ways to personally reduce their carbon footprint. Exclusive carbon cutting messages will feature for one week within the “video exclusive” section on the MySpace homepage on a rolling basis, promoting the Global Cool message to MySpace’s global audience which numbers over 90m people.”

Apparently, those who sign up for the campaign will receive two text messages a month from various celebs and rock bands giving tips on ways to help the environment through reduced consumption.

“Julian Knight, chief executive of Global Cool, said: ‘By launching our SMS initiative with MySpace, a long-term partner of Global Cool, it offers us the opportunity to reach the broadest possible network of socially active individuals. The connective power of MySpace allows us to give people the tools and knowledge required to collectively decrease their own CO2 emissions.’”

Personally, I believe this is an excellent way to get younger people involved in learning more about energy reduction and environmental stewardship. Global Cool is taking the celebrity angle and applying it to a text-fueled cellphone world. What 15 (or 45) year-old girl wouldn’t want to get a text-message from Josh Hartnett talking about compact fluorescent light bulbs? After the initial giggling, they might actually learn something.

Check out Global Cool’s MySpace site for additional information and some videos from participating celebrities. Below is the Josh Hartnett and Rosario Dawson bit.

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