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Perry Farrell Of Jane's Addiction Wants To Save The World

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snipshot_d410magc44su.jpgWe’re starting to get trickling reports of all the action that went down at SXSW last week and I thought this particular moment deserved a mention.

Last Saturday night, Perry Farrell — the lead singer for Jane’s Addiction and Porn for Pyros — held a fireside chat for several hundred fans. The topic, “How do we save the world?”. I think we can all probably remember a summer campfire discussion with this very topic — most end with arguing, a feeling of hopelessness, or renewed vigor to make a difference. Either way, I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard as strange a discussion as the one I’m about to copy and paste below. From the article,

“For the most part, anyone can imagine all of the dutiful answers tossed out. But there were a few notable, including one from a woman who asked, ‘What about more funding for sources of alternative fuel.’ Farrell hit back with, ‘Like Solar? Oh, what does that do? Solar? Yes, because we inherited the spirit of the sun! When we’re unified, we are powerful. And when we have the power of the sun, we are powerful, alright?’ After the 30-minute session, Farrell continued his call to action: “We are powerful and we are unified. I have to go now, but let’s continue this talk on globalcool.com global-cool.com.’

That’s the kind of discussion that you nod your head to one moment and then wonder what the hell he meant the next. “I feel empowered! But, um, what was he talking about?” Hey, whatever gets your juices going — but I think it’s these types of responses that get eco-celebrities in trouble. I’m all for inheriting the spirit of the sun (my vitamin D levels are low as it is), but maybe a simple, “Yes, investments in renewable energy are important. We can all do our part by signing up for wind power on our utility bills or pressing government representatives to source more funding for R&D,” would have been a little more helpful.

Still, I think I understand what he’s saying. You? (grin.)

image credit: wired

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