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In the brief moment that I tuned into the 2007 Grammy Awards, I managed to catch Corinne Bailey Rae performing a smoking hot number with John Mayer and John Legend. It was simple, sweet, and smooth. I downloaded her new album the next say.

The UK mag, New Consumer, recently caught up with Rae at the launch of Thirsty Planet, a new bottled water that gives 50p to Pumpaid to build pumps in Zimbabwe and Malawi for every multipack sold. The interview is well done because it covers topics important to the Ecorazzi crew; from Live Earth to carbon footprints. Here are some excerpts,

Do you know your carbon footprint?
I don’t know mine, I imagine it’s become massive because of amount of flying I’ve done this year. I’ve never really flown that much before apart from three holidays… it’s definitely a concern. I know KT Tunstall’s just gone completely carbon neutral, so it’s something I ought to look into. Ask me in a year’s time.

Are musicians becoming more aware about environmental issues?
Definitely, a lot are and have been on the cutting edge of things. During the civil rights movement a lot were there, spreading the message. Take someone like Sting, he’s been talking for the rainforests for 20 years.

I think young musicians are catching onto the fact that they can make a difference. Coldplay talk a lot about Fairtrade and… you do get quite criticised for it, because some people think it’s nerdy, worthy, not really rock and roll, but everyone will turn out to this event [Live Earth] because it’s a cool event with six concerts around the world. I think we’re getting to do about three songs!

There are a lot of other fantastic questions and answers that you can check out over at New Consumer’s site. It’s a great interview and for all you Corinne Bailey Rae fans; not one to be missed.

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