by Michael dEstries
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snipshot_d46chpwitpw.jpgUnfortunately, taking out the recycling or promising to compost won’t land you this coveted lunch date. However, if your pockets are deep and you feel compelled to ask Ford for his real opinion on George Lucas as a director, The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation has got a fantastic offer for you. Starting Tuesday April 13-23, Ebay will be holding an auction to raise money for the foundation; whose mission is to implement unique education and economic strategies focused on the three most critical and related threats to humanity: global warming, poverty, and the loss of biodiversity. Phew. One of those auctions is a lunch date for two with Harrison Ford. Starting bid is $2,500. The other auction? Well….

Let’s say you can never forgive Ford for participating in the wreck that was Six Days, Seven Nights but would still like to contribute.  If lunch ain’t your thing, you might also bid for the opportunity to name a newly discovered species. Oh, the possibilities! For a starting bid of $12,500, your first-born, your last name, favorite NASCAR driver, or depending on what kind of organism it is, your ex, could all be immortalized in the annals of science. If you’re stuck for something, Ecorazzi is always a fall-back option.

More and more foundations have been taking advantage of Ebay as a way to raise funds and promote worthy causes. As one of the Board of Directors for the Biodiversity Foundation, it’s nice to see Harrison Ford participate. No doubt that both offers will rake in the dough. Nothing plays to the wallets of people like lunch with celebrities or chances of documented name immortality. Plus, you’re helping to save the world. Gee! Get those PayPal accounts ready…

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