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snipshot_d4ro70gg820.jpgProving that all you need is love (and a quick divorce settlement), Sir Paul McCartney will be honored this coming March 24th by the Humane Society of the United States for his lifetime achievement in supporting animal advocacy. Most recently, McCartney was a high-profile player in the fight to end the annual Canadian Seal Hunt. From the release,

“McCartney will receive the first Gretchen Wyler Award, named in honor of the founder of the annual Genesis Awards, which acknowledges members of the news and entertainment media for their coverage of animal-protection issues. The Wyler Award is given to a celebrity or public figure who has made news on behalf of animals.”

A lifelong vegetarian (way before it was cool to buy tofu), McCartney “has actively supported the fight to end fox hunting in the U.K., the slaughter of horses in California for overseas consumption and, in 2006, he visited the Canadian ice floes to draw worldwide attention to the brutality of the annual seal hunt.”

McCartney had this to say about the honor, “It’s a great, great honor for me to be given this award and I’m especially thrilled because I’m the first recipient of the Wyler Award – that’s some honor,” says Sir Paul, who is accepting his award via video. “My personal involvement with animal issues came many years ago when Linda and I made the snipshot_d4jg01tpsmx.jpgconnection between the roast lamb we were having for lunch and the baby lambs playing in the fields outside our window. From that day to this, I’ve been committed to vegetarianism and the welfare of animals.”

Seriously, baby lambs are some of the cutest animals you will ever see. After living in New Zealand for couple years and watching them romp around the hillsides, I gave up lamp completely and have ever since striven to lead a meatless diet. They are that cute.

Congrats to Paul! Hit the jump for more!

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  • ranxx

    >>A lifelong vegetarian (way before it was cool to buy tofu),

    Lifelong vegetarian? This is not true. In Paul’s own words he became a vegetarian after buying a farm and seeing the lambs play in the field. That’s a far cry from being a lifelong vegetarian. Lifelong means he has been a vegetarian since he was born. That is not the case.
    I’ve been a vegetarian longer than he has..!

  • Dave

    Kudo’s ranxx for knowing your Beatle facts. But the slefish horn blowing means nothing to me or anyone else. A needless conclusion to what could have been a good comment.

  • Dana

    I was a given a second-hand copy last year of Linda McCartney’s international vegetarian cookbook. Lots of yummy stuff there!

  • Fred Anderson

    Why is Paul getting the award? Did you see the film? He was drunk or stoned. The whole idea was Heather Mills. Paul could have cared less.

    But here is a newsflash! The Canadian Government has made a deal with Bush to send the seals to Cuba, where they will be interned at Guantanamo until a military tribunal can establish their right to a hearing.