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stewart.jpgGreenpeace is teaming up with songwriter and music producer Dave Stewart to come up with cool and zangy ways Hollywood can go green. Because if there’s one thing that’s been lacking lately in Hollywood, it’s awareness of environmental issues. <grin>

Beyond the obvious choices of driving hybrid vehicles or having your nails done in a salon powered by renewable energy, Greenpeace and Stewart want Hollywood to really become passionate about the environment — and not just wear a thin coat of green. From the article,

“‘If you can imagine Andy Warhol’s Factory with Greenpeace in it and me in it,” Stewart told Reuters. “It is a hot house, a think tank.’ The music impresario has for years supported Greenpeace, the 35-year-old group that calls attention to issues ranging from global warming to genetic engineering, by raising money among his many other activities.

This new plan goes one step further and calls for Stewart’s company, Weapons of Mass Entertainment, to share Los Angeles offices with a Greenpeace branch where they will work together to mix media, art and celebrity with social activism.”

And what inspires people more than anything? A song! That’s right, the first initiative will be to introduce a song on April 17th entitled…wait for it….”Go Green”. Yea! The musical work will promote environmental causes and features recording artists such as Lennox, Natalie Imbruglia, Bonnie Raitt and hip hop singer MC Nadirah. Oh, the oddity of that group. I love it! Had they cared to invite other artists one could only imagine what the title might have been changed to. Let’s see….

P.Diddy, “Go Green Or Die.”
Eminem, “Go Green Motherf$%ker!”
Count Von Count, “1,2,3, Green. AH HA HA HA HA!”
Noel Gallagher, “Go Green. Eat me.”

This relationship is only the beginning and we’ll be anxiously awaiting “Go Green” come April. Anything with Bonnie Raitt is an instant classic…

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