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Al Gore has been making some friends over here in good old Blighty. He spent Monday and Tuesday at Cambridge teaching high profile Brits how to deliver their own version of An Inconvenient Truth. Amongst them was our very own Sir Alex Ferguson, who currently fronts the UK’s most successful NFL franchise – or Man United as some people like to call it.

Thereon commenced two days of joviality and gesticulating led by Mr Gore, who steadfastly rebutted any questions about his now famous giant electricity bill, or why the US didn’t buck up their green ideas whilst he was in control (apparently being number 2 means that you can’t make these important changes and “if he did it all again, he’d be the president, quickly followed with a clarification that, no, he had no plans to stand”).

At the end, all committed to performing their own ‘Inconvenient Truth’ lectures at least once before meeting up again in a year’s time. Sir Alex was extremely keen with The Telegraph noting that “he must reckon the Premiership title is in the bag if he can give up two days to discuss carbon emissions.”

So, al in al (sorry) a good day’s work for Mr. Gore.

Last thing…
You too can have the chance to be a part of Gore’s rapidly expanding green army, just check out The Climate Project, although they are totally full to the brim now. It is worth registering just to look at the interactive articles, where there is a bird’s eye photograph of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic – that is why I am writing this article and you are reading it.

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  • Kabbabboy

    Al gore looking a litle worse for wear there ….lookslike he was pissed the night before and banged into a lamppost and got his teeth knocked out.
    Got to give him his due on the Inconvenient Truth but not suprised about his own energy “ethical bypass”.Even GB has got him beat on that one!!
    However with Alex in tow you never know some of the sheep might even get to hear about it.

    Whats that he said ?…Global????