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live.jpgThe eco-friendly music celebration, “Live Earth“, that hopes to bring awareness of climate change to billions of people, may suddenly find itself in competition for people’s attentions. A new venue occurring on the same day called “Live Lies” will seek to discredit the green celebration and offer even more incentives for people to attend. Just as Live Earth has its list of celebrity organizers, Live Lies organizers were quick to point out their own star-studded board. “Senator Jame Inhofe and Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerman are on board,” commented Communications Manager Mitch Parker. “We’ve also got Tucker Carson and Ann Coulter ready to MC the event. We think their edgy humor will bring a level of levity that Live Earth just will not have.”

While Live Earth will occur simultaneously on 7 continents, Live Lies will be limited to the United States. “We just couldn’t find anyone willing to support our concert on other continents,” mentioned Parker. “The left-wing conspiracy that is Global Warming has managed to fool even other countries. How people can demand clean air and water without seeing that they’re both partisan issues is beyond me. Live Lies will wake these individuals up.”

The current lineup of entertainers for Live Lies is sparse, but organizers are working hard to book everyone not involved in Live Earth. Noel Gallagher has expressed interest in potentially performing a solo routine, while others like Deee-Lite, Sinead O’Connor, and Faith +1 are on-board. A local James Taylor tribute band that Inhofe knows may also be signed. Parker is optimistic about drawing in Live Earth fans. “We’ve got some great talent and even better door prizes for people who attend. Exxon-Mobil has agreed to give away gas gift cards, Michael Crichton will be signing copies of his book, State of Fear, and we may even have Kettle Corn. We’re just not sure if they’re booked with Gore’s camp yet.”

Tickets for Live Lies will go on sale soon. According to reports, they will be limited-edition and printed on virgin forest stock. Parker was quick to point out that using recycled paper is simply a part of the conspiracy and that each ticket is good for 10% off a box of Kleenex.

It’s worth noting that today is April 1, 2007 

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  • Doug Snodgrass

    Wow, a James Taylor tribute band?!?

    With the level of star power that they’re getting, maybe they’ll be able to book this guy.

  • Jaimi

    Is this for real?? I astounded…I can’t even think of words to describe how disgusting this is!

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  • Lorrie

    That’s a good one. ;-)

  • becky


  • christal

    you got me on that one.

  • Dana

    You know it’s not so far-fetched. Remember last year in the UK, the pro fox-killing aristocrats organized a benefit concert with a bunch of old farts like Eric Clapton. Really wish I had gotten tickets for that one.

  • Mike

    Very good joke!

  • londonman

    Goood Joke

  • Ritab

    Wait a minute! Dee Lite sng a song about the Hole in the Ozone layer back in the day…..