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I’m currently on a bus (with wireless, no less!) on my way to New York City to meet up with Rebecca. As we announced earlier, we’re in the Big Apple for the next couple days to attend the 2007 NY Auto Show and discuss green initiatives with GM executives. While GM is paying for us to attend the event (and flew Rebecca in from Miami as well) we are in no way obligated to change our tunes regarding their impact on the environment. We’ll have an opportunity to talk one-on-one with Ed Peper, Chevy General Manager; Beth Lowery, Vice President, Environment and Energy; Martin Walsh, Hummer General Manager, Kjell ac Bergstrom, VP, GM Powertrain Sweden (Saab); and Jill Lajdziak, GM General Manager of Saturn.

So, we want to know: Do you have any questions? Obviously, we’re looking for a serious variety here; but do not feel the need to sugarcoat. If you’ve got something you’d like us to ask on your behalf – tell us! We’ve got a bunch of good questions lined up but could always use more. Anyways, hit the comments below and we’ll check in. Tomorrow during the Auto Show, we’ll also be reporting live on all the cool announcements, celebrities, and other fun things coming out of NYC. Stay tuned!

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  • Jason

    Ask them why their vehicles suck so much

  • Brutus

    Ask them why they only produce Chevrolet fuel guzzling flexible fuel vehicles (E-85) for the USA, and why they don’t make the don’t sell the very fuel efficient eight different models of compact and sub-compact flexible fuel vehicles in the USA like they do in Brazil? Put your cursor on the name of each model at the top of the page and notice the word “FLEX” Demand to know why GM/Chevrolet only sells E-85 cars in the USA that only take you less than 20 miles per gallon while using E-85 fuel!!!

    Please ask GM why they don’t make more natural gas vehicles for the USA?

    Please ask why GM is so far behind Honda in fuel cell vehicle technology.

  • becky

    Good luck with that!!