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The green website,, put together a survey through an independent marketer to determine what celebrities have the most influence on Americans. After talking to more than 2,400 Americans, the results paint a clear picture of what we’ve known all alone: Cameron Diaz makes the ideal Yoga partner. Seriously, they asked that. Diaz received 44% while Jada Pinkett Smith (22%), L.L. Cool J (18%), and Mark Wahlberg (17%) help fill out the rest of the voting.  Doesn’t Jennifer Garner hit the Yoga mat?

In the healthy living category, Oprah (47%) barely pedaled by Lance Armstrong (37%); while Ozzy Osbourne (picture-perfect health) and Tyra Banks rounded out the bottom with 8% each. Surprisingly, Bono (48%) crushed Angelina Jolie (25%) in the “positive impact on raising social consciousness.” Meanwhile, Britney Spears racked up 81% in the “Live The Change” arena; shockingly fewer than 14% thought the same of Lindsay Lohan. Is she turning the corner or simply one haircut away from joining Britney?

Julia Roberts has the most organic body (hilarious) with 67% while Adrian Grenier and his blue-jeans insulation only received 3% of the votes. Additionally, 37% of those questioned would spend a day with Salma Hayek doing “green things” while 30% would prefer Brad Pitt.

Amusing. For the full results, check out Lime’s article.  It’s also worth noting that 79% of people believe Al Gore has the greatest influence on living a greener life. That number is much higher than expected after the flak Gore went through with his home. It’s encouraging to see that it has not hurt his voice in the public arena.

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