by lynn
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And not just as Dr. McDreamy. Patrick Dempsey recently teamed up with Breakaway From Cancer, working as the group’s spokesperson. He didn’t just randomly choose a charity to support. Cancer has affected his family in the past, with his mother having been afflicted with ovarian cancer twice.

Patrick, who was living in Los Angeles at the times of his mother’s diagnosis and battle, dealt with many of the same challenges as other long-distance caregivers. From frequent phone calls to discuss treatment options to supporting family members such as his sister who lives near his mother, Patrick was actively involved in caring for his mother. One of his concerns was keeping his mother mentally and physically active during treatment. To help with this, he purchased a farm so his mother could stay active with gardening, renovating a new home and enjoying the outdoors.

As if the world doesn’t already love him enough, now he’s gone and given people more reason to admire him. Cheers, Patrick, and we’re definitely glad to know you’re helping people out. Now get out there and save lives!

  • Martha Moss

    Thank You from the mother of a daughter fighting OVCA. We need to make women aware of this so that they are caught early enough to live. We need more information out there to do this. To promote an Ultra sound and CA125 with their yearly exams. We also need more funding for research, for biologic drugs, Vitamine C, clincal trials and better communication with other countries on thier research. There are some wonderful support groups on the net for OVCA, these women have been there, done that, and are willing to share their knowledge.