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Not that anything remotely interesting coming out of Kelly Osbourne’s mouth will ever rock the entertainment world; but I found this little tidbit hilarious.

Apparently, Osbourne was out on Thursday night to attend a bash at the same location (Boulevard3) as the Elle Magazine “Green Bash”. Unfortunately for Kelly, she went to the wrong red carpet and became incredibly confused when an army of photographers descended upon her. From the article,

“She had planned to attend burlesque star DITA VON TEESE’s party at the same address, Boulevard3, and used the wrong entrance. Photographer LILY CORTEZ says, ‘It was hilarious – she went from one red carpet to the other and looked really embarrassed. She literally scuttled away, covering her face.'”

Even better, after Osbourne found out about her mistake and the environmental-theme of the party, she reportedly said, “Screw the environment!” turned around, and left.  As one LiveJournal site noted, “The reason behind Kelly’s indifference towards the environment? Her insatiable appetite for the world’s limited lycra resources.” Brilliant.

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  • Buster

    Nice! Let’s hope she never reproduces. One, because she obviously doesn’t have the coping skills to raise children able to navigate the eco-disaster people like her are leaving as a legacy, and two, really, like we need any more white trash with money setting trends for fashion and opinion!

  • RemyC

    This is hilarious… all the more so that her dad is about to take a major solar company on tour with the Black Sabbath Resurrection tour… I wonder if she has ever actually read the lyrics of her dad’s first half a dozen Black Sabbath albums, that were all about environmental causes… The band was in fact called “Earth” before they changed the name to be more overbearing with their message. Black Sabbath gave me my environmental conviction more so that any other band when I was a teenager… she’s just rebelling against the obsolute obscenity of the impossible dilemma we’ve put ourselves in by letting the powers that be spoil the planet for so many years… What the kid doesn’t know, is that her dad’s youthful vision and dreams, shunned, put down and destroyed by the rudeness and greed of the music biz, are about to come around full circle… feel me guys… do you get it now? Kelly we love you… chill!

  • Jen

    How ugly — let me count the ways.

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