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snipshot_d4ww5ac84xh.jpgTo all you girlie men out there with environmentally un-friendly vehicles: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to “pump you up” with some green alternatives. The Hollywood star-turned-politician has teamed up with MTV’s Pimp My Ride for an Earth Day special airing April 22nd at 1pm.

With the help of Schwarzenegger, the gang at G.A.S. (Galpin Auto Sports), took at ’65 Chevy Impala and turned it into an eco-monster with a brand new 800HP Diesel engine running on biodiesel. From the article,

“Fans watch every step of the way, and even join Mad Mike as he visits the guys at Imperium Renewables to learn exactly how alternative fuels are created and used. The crew then decides to test out how the new biodiesel Impala fares against a Lamborghini Gallardo in the ultimate race! In a surprise visit, Governor Schwarzenegger himself visits G.A.S. to help with the final touches and provides his own eco-approval. With the race and transformation complete with the Governor’s blessing, Kristoffer gets jolted when his new pimped-out masterpiece is unveiled before him.”

According to the release, the fuel for this diesel was made from canola oil, while the engine came compliments of General Motors. While I’ve only seen this series a couple times, I’ve always enjoyed the commentary and characters involved. It’s great to see Schwarzenegger jumping in and lending a hand. Can we expect more green vehicles as the series moves forward? Hit the release for more info — including some green words of wisdom from Arnold on alternative fuels.

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