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We’re entering an era where (finally) we’ll have lots and lots of alternative fuel options. Besides hybrids, we’ll see 100% electric, biodiesel, ethanol, and natural gas vehicles. Also entering into the market are hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Honda FCX Concept @ NY Auto Show 4/2007During our recent trip to the Auto Show in NY, we saw several new fuel cell concepts that we are sure will be seen on the streets of Hollywood in the very near future.

We recently saw Q’Orianka Kilcher receive her Honda FCX lease (the youngest so far!). The FCX wasn’t at the show, but they did have a fancy looking display showing how the whole thing works.

BMW Hydrogen 7Then, we ran across the BMW Hydrogen 7, which claims to be the first luxury “saloon” available in hydrogen. I think that just means nice, comfy car. It was the runner up for the World Green Car of 2007, as well. (Lost out to the ol’ Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec.) Luxury & green? I can hear eco-celebs hearts’ skipping a beat as I type. Some of them might have their hands on this baby by the end of the year. Madonna, Al Gore, and Arnold have been in line since last year!

Finally, we saw the Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell vehicle, and actually took some time to chat with Chevrolet General Manager Ed Peper about it. Looks like some celebs, and maybe even you, will have their hands on some 30 day test drives of this car towards the end of the year.

If you are located in the LA, DC, or NYC area, apply to be a part of the test program for the hydrogen Equinox.

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Once again, I’d just like to disclose that GM paid for my trip to NYC, but that I’m writing whatever I damn well please about them.

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