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snipshot_d41co1v88cf3.jpgThe Elle May 2007 “Green Issue” is obviously getting a lot of play online. If you haven’t already, you can grab a copy in LA and New York today and nationwide on April 17th. One person spotlighted in the issue is Orlando Bloom. They cover his role in the final film of the Pirates trilogy, his work as an actor, and most important to us, his green ambitions. Below is a snippet from the article,

“‘I’m really not an expert on environmental matters,” Bloom says. “But I’m very passionate about the environment. And the more I learn about it, the more I realize that there are little things that everyone can do.’ He is, for example, building a house in London using solar technology, and he offsets his carbon emissions from traveling by donating money toward the planting of trees. ”

Bloom also spent some time for the Pirates shoot traveling around Antarctica, where he saw the effects of global warming up close. ‘Those icebergs are so majestic, but they seem like dinosaurs to me, like a dying breed,’ he said. ‘I can imagine coming back to Antarctica next year or 10 years from now and seeing the difference. They might not be there which is really terrifying. When the ice water melts, the Gulf Stream is affected, and that’s what affects the climate and daily life. It may not be obvious to people, but that is what’s happening.’

Orlando’s cousin, Sebastian Copeland, accompanied Bloom to photograph the changing icy landscape for an upcoming book. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Global Green; a group that Orlando has passionately represented in the past along with likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

It’s somewhat refreshing to hear someone like Bloom say, “Hey, I don’ t know a lot about environmental issues, but I’m interested enough to get involved and learn.” So many critics bemoan celebrities for pushing green issues into the spotlight. What they do not realize is that people will not gather and listen to a scientist, but they will gather and listen to someone of fame. It’s just the nature of society. It is prudent for celebrities to be informed of the topics they’re talking about; but they don’t necessarily need to produce graphs, hard numbers, or explain the nuances of the Gulf Stream flow to shed light on the topic. If they can get people to listen, the hunger for more knowledge will follow.

Hit the Elle article over at JustJared for more on Bloom.

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