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Anyone who has ever watched I Dream Of Jeannie or Dallas will instantly recognize Larry Hagman. His career has spanned several television shows and movies, but he’s probably best recognized as the bumbling astronaut or the ruthless oil baron, J.R. Ewing.

Anyways, Hagman is also quite the green celebrity. According to his website, “Larry has three gorgeous solar arrays on his property in Ojai, drives a Toyota Prius Hybrid car and an electric Dodge Gem, and uses alternative energy sources when ever possible.”

I never heard of the Dodge Gem, but apparently it gets about 35 miles per charge and plugs in to any standard outlet. We have no idea if Hagman’s property is off grid (we’ll leave it to the experts to figure that one out) but it’s safe to say the guy was very ahead of his time with green energy. It also lends credence to his values being genuine and not something representative of the times.

One of the major projects being supported by Hagman presently is Refunds for Good. As mentioned previously, the campaign directs people on how to claim telephone tax refunds and then give that money to various environmental causes. Hagman is especially vocal about supporting the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF); which brings renewable solar energy to developing countries. He’s been working with the group for over 10 years now and sees Refunds for Good as a great way to help out.

Hit their site for more information on how you can claim your phone tax refund and contribute to some worthy green causes. Additional celebrity support includes Ed Begley. Jr., The Daily Show’s Nate Corddry, and Martin Sheen.

Thanks to Shea for the tip!

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