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snipshot_d41bmmo7wt0b.jpgFor those who believe celebrity activism is a waste of time, here’s one development that might change your mind. As we started writing about back in September, Pierce Brosnan and a host of other celebrities have been rallying against the installation of a Liquid Natural Gas facility from BHP off the Malibu coast in California. The terminal would have been three football fields long, 14 stories high and a “receive, store and process site” for LNG, a highly flammable substance. Activists also questioned the intense amount of smog given off by the facility.

Celebrities organized several rallies; including a “Day at the Beach” protest in which hundreds of people paddled out on surfboards to protest the site. You can check out a video of the event here. Supporters included Halle Berry, Daryl Hannah, Martin Sheen, Laird Hamilton, Ted Danson, and many, many others.

It was announced yesterday by California’s Lt. Gov John Garamendi that State Lands Commission authorities had denied the lease to build the terminal at a meeting in Oxnard, California on Monday night. Protesters cheered at the news. So many people questioned whether or not California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would side with the energy company or his green initiatives. It appears that the environment won this time; no doubt due in large part to the efforts of all involved to bring awareness on the topic. Congrats to everyone.

Now, riddle me this: If a wind farm was proposed for the same shoreline — would celebrities be as supportive? I think this would be a great litmus test to see who really cares about the environment and who’s really worried about “the view”. Thoughts?

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  • PattyP

    I discovered this great blog a couple weeks ago and this is my first time commenting. Like you, I wonder how committed some “green” celebrities would really be when they perceive an eco-project might have a negative impact on them. The Kennedy family’s opposition to the Cape Wind project off Nantucket Sound is a perfect, and sad, example, particularly because Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gives the impression he’s very eco-friendly. I personally find wind farms absolutely beautiful, both aesthetically and for what they represent. I live on the east coast of Florida, very near the ocean, and would love to see a big wind farm off the coast.

  • Cucharita Roja

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