by lynn
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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking his message on tour. He was in Georgetown University just yesterday to talk about environmentalism and is particularly proud that California has taken some pretty big steps and could even help influence the rest of the US to adopt stronger measures against global warming. Arnold also believes that California’s the place where environmentalism will really start going mainstream.

“California is big, California is powerful, and what we do in California has unbelievable impacts, and it has consequences,” he said.

Woooo, cocky much? Hehe, but no one can deny that he’s done a lot of work pushing for environmental laws. I wonder what he has to say about the issue in Malibu, though.

  • Wiley

    Arnold obviously is not informed about California’s environmental practices. The state imports huge amounts of electricity from neighboring states to the benefit of its own environment, and dumps its trash in numerous poorer states to avoid the disgusting landfills the rest of us have to accomodate. There is no other state even close in comparison to the excesses displayed by California. As for your celebrity sacrifices, their huge mansions, fleets of SUVs, jet-hopping, heated pools and fountains,and aquisition of possessions make them all hypocrites. Is this the example we will all follow?