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Ecorazzi's Ride in Ozocar. Just Like Leo.

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While in New York last week, I had the pleasure of a complimentary ride to the LaGuardia Airport in an Ozocar. No Crown Victoria for me! I rode in style – a Toyota Prius. My first time. I can’t believe I was a Prius virgin until last week. I feel so different now!

We recently reported that Rachael Ray rides around in these babies to move around NYC for everything related to her show. (An extra thumbs up to Top Chef Dave Martin for taking the subway!)

New Yorker Sarah Jessica Parker is also an Ozocar customer, as is Christie Brinkley, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. (Please tell me I sat in the same spot as Leo!) We hear that he piled into an Ozocar Prius to head on over to the premiere of Blood Diamond…and he carpooled with 3 big guys!

snipshot_d41e1aprnfga.jpgI was really impressed with the service – especially the fact that there is WiFi access for your laptop, or a MacBook ready to go and already on the internet in the back pocket of the front seat. In fact, I took out the computer and pulled up Ecorazzi for my driver, Joe, and showed him our original Rachael Ray post referring to Ozocar!

There was even a power strip in the back of the Prius, in case you needed to plug in a charger, or even an electric razor! Plus, all cars are equipped with Sirius radio and you can change the station yourself! (Mine didn’t have Sirius that day…I think it was in for repair or something.) So basically, you could listen to Lime (channel 114) and maybe catch an episode of the Lazy Environmentalist with Josh Dorfman. He had Ecorazzi on the show last week, and it was a great time.

I was very happy with the service, and recommend it when traveling in the New York area. Subway first, but if a car is a must, this is a nice option.

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