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snipshot_d41kl0xi5edr.jpgGood morning! Here are some tasty nibbles for to start off your Friday with:

Angelina Jolie was apparently in the mood for something a little more ‘meaty’ during a shoot for Marie Claire. According to the New York Post, Jolie was served a fine ‘organic feast’ by the staff in honor of her environmental stances. Unfortunately, their efforts did not pay off as the meal went uneaten and Joile sent her assistant out for a Big Mac instead. Doesn’t she know there are children starving in other parts of the world?

Laurie David and Sheryl Crow have hit the road for their Global Warming Tour and already are sharing their deepest secrets and, well, trading makeup. In an email to E!’s Mark Malkin, David said,

I have to say that traveling with an actual rock star as opposed to a political rock star has its benefits. For example I can borrow sheryl’s makeup and blow dryer. And she is a great bus mate, even if she is a little bossy about the bathroom rules.”

We have no idea yet if the late night conversations have turned to games of “Who Would You Do?”, but we’re pretty sure Grease and Dirty Dancing are part of the on-board entertainment.

Ticketmaster has revealed the prices for Live Earth — the concert series against climate change, and apparently your savings. $53-$348 green ones. Ouch. While we’re not too surprised at the lower-end of the scale, that $348 had better include a biodegradable seat cushion, a lap dance from Cameron Diaz (in Charlie’s Angels 2 costume), and an organic buffet fit for a green prince.

Aw, screw it. We’ll just take a Big Mac.

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  • Andrea

    Hasn’t Angelina read Fransis Moore Lappe’s Diet for a Small Planet??? I guess not, or she’d be aware of the inefficient use of resources behind the meat industry and its impact on poverty.

  • queeneetha

    MY GOD! first they say she doen’t eat enough and one hamburger does not a planet wrecker make. When was the last time you donated $100,000.00 to starving children?

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