by lynn
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Filipino models and celebrity couple Borgy Manotoc and Ornusa Cadness (who’s actually half-Thai, half-New Zealander, but grew up in the Philippines) are appearing in a PETA ad clad only in body paint in an effort to encourage people to boycott zoos.

From the PETA Asia-Pacific press release: “Why do zoos have Cadness and Manotoc baring their claws? In the wild, animals spend their entire lives with their close-knit families. But in zoos, animals are separated from their families as babies and are sentenced to a lifetime of boredom, loneliness, and abuse—leading to self-mutilation and other abnormal and self-destructive behaviors called “zoochosis.”

Zoos claim that they educate people and preserve species, but they rarely succeed on either count. Zoos present visitors with a distorted view of wildlife. Tigers roam territories of up to 650 square kilometers in the wild, but the entire Manila Zoo measures only 0.055 square kilometers! Even the biggest zoos cannot provide the space, exercise, privacy, or mental stimulation needed by the animals they imprison, much less fulfill their other complex needs.”

Ornussa says, “I hope people will see these ads and think twice about visiting the zoo” but they make me think that they mainly highlight the pair’s good looks rather than the cause itself. Perhaps something a little less stylish and more forceful would be good in future ads.

  • rebecca

    LOVE the pictures…done incredibly well.

  • Andrea

    The last time I went to the zoo (I was 19 and didn’t know any better!), it was the Berlin zoo and I was so saddened by the way the polar bears were being kept, I decided to never go to another zoo.

  • lori

    this ad campaign is a nice sentiment but unfortunately it’s misdirected. in this ever expanding world, zoos are a last line of defense for endangered species. true, there are zoos in the world that don’t provide the best care. but in the us, the aza accredits institutions that meet specific criteria with respect to animal care and comfort. not to mention, a lot of future environmentalists are created at zoos. until we stop overpopulating the world and encroaching on habitat, zoos are a neccessary tool to educate the public and protect wildlife.