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snipshot_e41agjxvsuuv.jpgThe greenest activity happening right now (besides the mad rush to get Live Earth tickets) is the Stop Global Warming Campus Tour being promoted by Sheryl Crow and Laurie David. As we’ve written previously, the two are traveling to various college campuses around the U.S. to hold concerts and educate students on the serious nature of climate change. With every stop, there are some new great quotes to relate. Here is some of the latest info:

  Page Six of the NY Post has a tidbit called “Road Warmers” and features this quote from Laurie David: “I didn’t know her(Crow) a year ago. And now we’re sleeping together! I’ve traveled with a political rock star and now an actual rock star. There are perks to traveling with a real rock star. I can share Sheryl’s makeup, which I couldn’t do with Al Gore.”

Star Pulse has Crow fearing the latest weather trends: “We had mosquitoes all the way through Thanksgiving this year in Nashville. It all feels biblical.” On working with Laurie David she said, “We’re the Simon & Garfunkel of global warming.”

Crow has updated her personal journal with an entry from the road. Here’s a tidbit: “Last night, we played Baton Rouge to an enthusiastic crowd.  I am proud to announce that we had four protesters, each defending global warming because it enables them to work on their tans longer.  (I think they must have missed the part in the lecture about extreme weather conditions on both ends of the spectrum).  At any rate, of the four protesters, it is my understanding that one of the posters read, “Sheryl Crow kills cats.”  I’d like to clarify this by saying I am much too allergic to even get near a cat, not to mention, I find it difficult to kill a wasp.”

The women’s 90-minute program includes a music performance by Crow, a zippy talk by David, clips from An Inconvenient Truth and segments from the Earth to America! comedy show. Has anyone out there seen the tour? Can you comment on how informative or entertaining the event is? The tour will end April 22 on Earth Day at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. On April 23, Crow and David plan to lobby the U.S. Congress for laws to ease and prevent global warming. Wait a minute? Haven’t they heard of Step It Up?

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  • Kathi Cailli

    Yahoo! Go Sheryl and gang!!
    I have no doubt that you presented your position (very much representative of the MAJORITY of the American people who also are not fools to the Global Warming issue)with your usual graceful poise to Mister Uptight Defensive Rove.
    I am just blown away that these fools (The majority of the BUSH admin)are so foolish that they do not understand that THEY MAY BE ABLE TO BEND THE GOVENMENT RULES UNER THE CONSTITUTIONAL RADAR–but, they are completely ignorant to believe that they are ABOVE or IMMUNE to the effects of a polluted world. They are subject to breath the SAME air all we NOISEY little Americans do. My God, how stupid can they be to think they have power over MOTHER NATURE and that their $tangible$ gains of having large corporations in their pockets OUTWEIGH being able to breathe or drink clean water or to appreciate those natural wonders and creatures of the earth that are slowly dying as a result of their gains in stature and $$$?
    When I was in grade school, I remember seeing a movie about a man of the future that lived in a glass house (this was projected as being in the year 2000)–much like an terrarium. In this glass house, he had collected and housed a pair of each animal. But, when he went outside, he had to wear an oxygen mask–and could not stay in the sunlight for long due to the effects of a damaged ozone. Those who had not looked ahead to take the measures to maintain the beauty of nature and wildlife (as he did in his terrarium home) became jealous–and surrounded his house–pounding at the glass frame with rocks until they broke it open….and the movie ended there….
    Yep..much left to the imagination..this was in the 70’s and someone (who made the movie) had the forsight to warn us where we were headed–in a GRADE SCHOOL CLASSROOM. Yet, our elected officials have this condition of the world in their face–and much of the world recognizing that we have to find a solution–while these DUMB-A$$ political figures deny it because they favor POWER and MONEY over maintaining the gift God has given us of this beautiful, bountiful green earth.
    I just don’t get it. How shallow they are to ignore the facts of science for their own immediate and SHORT LIVED gains. Urrugh.
    Mind you…I am 43 years old….this grade-school movie that warned us of what is happening now was YEARS ago..
    Bet those who considered AL Gore as a foolish tree hugger (those who watch the WEATHER CHANNEL..btw–off topic–GREAT song, Sheryl–haha) are beginning to see he might have been the man who could have aided in avoiding the GLOBAL WARMING situation we are now in…not to mention, may not have lead us into the MESS of a World WAR crisis we are potentially looking at. O
    ur eco systems cry for HELP cannot be ignored–yet, they are still ignoring it.
    Again…urrrrugh! UI am sure I have been redundant enuff…..

    Anywho…Yconcluding this with:
    Sheryl—You ROCK! Both in music..and in cause!
    Thanx for being OUR voice…
    (excuse me–no spell check!Too lazy tonite!)
    Kathi :o)

  • Gekkobear

    Sorry, I’m going to be typing in normal paragraphs without the odd random capitalizations, random punctuation, and missing paragraph breaks of the “true believer”.

    Sheryl and Laurie lecturing me on Carbon emissions is like a 450-pound man with a cheeseburger in each hand lecuring me on cholesterol and heart health. Sure he may be right, but he obviously doesn’t take himself seriously; why should I?

    I’ll continue to use less carbon than either of these two… by a huge amount. I’ll use less electricity than Al Gore, less Natural gas than Gore too… am I green?

    Nope, just consuming less than these hypocritical talkers who aren’t willing to actually perform the actions they state are required. Well if their claims on the climate are true, why won’t they act like they’re telling the truth? And if they dont, why should anyone believe them?