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After talking to Oprah and various publications about her desire to own a vehicle that “smells like french fries”, Julia Roberts received a biodiesel vehicle from her husband, Danny Moder. From the article,

“The pregnant actress was worrying about what she would drive once her kids grew too big for her hybrid Toyota Prius, so cameraman Moder treated her to a new motor. She says, ‘He bought me a diesel car that will run on biodiesel. It’s amazing how exciting all this is.’”

Is the new car an SUV? One could imagine that with a growing family, Roberts is looking to expand beyond the (rather roomy) interior of the Toyota Prius. Can we expect Julia to be spotted by the paparazzi making late-night dashes to various restaurants for their excess cooking oil? Either way, it’s a great move that she’s removed herself from foreign oil consumption for at least one of her vehicles. It’s a safe, biodegradable, and eco-friendly alternative to standard petrol. Look for more green celebrities to start diversifying beyond the Prius in the coming months. With more choices now available, the hybrid is “so 2006″….

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  • Mark Meachen

    Just to be sure that everyone knows, you DON’T need to collect your own oil to run biodiesel! I fill up on with biodiesel at my local filling station the same way that other people fill up with gasoline, but my fuel is clean and is derived from soybeans, which do NOT replace a food stock for energy. Soybeans are still used for food, but the oil is taken out and used for fuel. The soy is still there to produce food. What a great idea. Also, soybeans take a gallon of (soy?) fuel to produce 3.2 gallons of fuel. Corn-based fuel is much less (1.16?), so going biodiesel makes sense, and will make more of it when the US starts getting more diesels! EVERYONE CAN DO THIS! Right now it’s mostly the truckers, but still a good thing.

  • Jackie Neach

    The only problem with corn based fuel it will eventually eat and destroy the fuel injectors over a time period og 6 – 12 months. Now what do you do.

  • heather caudill

    you are an amazing person,i love your movies and you’r are such a down to earth person,and you’r a great actress.i’m absolutely in awe of you’r movie pretty women,i cry everytime i see it(at the end when richard geere becomes you’r “prince charming!”it’s absolutely amazing!)

  • terry brunton

    We need these cars now, not someday in the future.
    I’ve never even seen one or a station that supplies
    the fuel. How much is the fuel and how many mpg’s
    does it get?