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Look out world! Al Gore is about to pass go. The former V.P. turned Oscar-winning movie star turned international rock star has been given the green light by city planners to install solar panels and other green additions at his mansion in Belle Meade, Tenn. Previously, town zoning laws did not permit residents of the upscale neighborhood to install solar energy technology because they were considered generators, and therefore, unsightly. Gore’s camp had been quietly protesting the laws for some years, but were caught empty-handed when an audit of the former V.P.’s energy use surfaced back in February. Gore was raked over the coals, even though plans were underway to make his home more efficient and eco-friendly. Now, he’s in the clear and making green renovations in addition to the solar panels. From the article,

“He is also upgrading the furnace, windows, and light switches, as well as installing new floor radiant heat and solar vents, to improve the home’s energy standards, said Kalee Kreider, a Gore spokeswoman.”

So, there ya have it. Even with a 70-year old home, Gore is doing his best to set an example for, well, the rest of the millionaires out there with mega-homes. Until he downsizes things, it’s the best we can ask for. Expect 33 solar panels to go up shortly.

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2 Responses to Al Gore Finally Gets Green Light To Go Solar At Home

  1. pewter penny says:

    As much publicity as he does for being green, I still just have this odd urge to smack him in the back of the head!

  2. Luis M Zambrano says:

    Congratulation! Mr. Algore,
    I think your are great and I support you all the way

    Thank you for all you support to us.

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