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liveearth.jpgWe’re less than 80 days away from Live Earth and tidbits of info are falling from the sky all around. Here’s the latest we could gather:

Tickets for the U.S. event are still available; even though they hit the online scene at 10AM on Monday. This is in part due to the fact that barely anything but the $348 floor seats are available. That’s a bit of a tough number to swallow for those of us that can barely afford a compact fluorescent light bulb. But hey, your money is going towards saving the planet! Er, what channel is the show being broadcast on again?

Have you picked up your Live Earth tickets looking to make a little profit on Ebay? The auction site knows there’s very little it can do to stop you, but if you plan on using its services, you’re going to have to cough up 20% of the sale to charity. Yowzers! Nice move. Ebay mentioned in a statement, “As a result, users who decide to resell their tickets will be required to donate at least 20% of their final value fee to good causes through our charityfundraising platform.” Not surprisingly, Save Our Selves, the environmental group behind Live Earth is the preferred recipient.

Over 203,000 people registered last week for their chance to attend Live Earth in the UK (the best concert lineup of the lot so far). The lucky 60,000 ticket holders will be told today if they’re in or not.

Jack Johnson has been selected to headline the Australian leg of Live Earth in Sydney, Australia. Johnson will be joined by Midnight Oil, Crowded House, Silverchair and a lot of other rocking acts. Said Jack regarding the difficulties of selecting the Australian gig over the American, “New Jersey and Australia are about the same distance for me, but Australia’s waves are a lot better, so that made the decision easy.”

Once a surfer, always a surfer. Just watch out for those jellyfish, Jack.

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2 Responses to Live Earth Notes: Ebay Forces Charity, Jack Johnson Jams In Oz

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  2. zackk says:

    the australian line up, different than what’s listed here, is going to be announced on tuesday on the Life Earth blog.

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