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We’re not going to draw too much from this article, but it is an interesting look at charitable donations for major celebrities. Before we dig in, however, we should note that Fox News has once again proven why their reputation is less than stellar. In writing about this article, they chose to use a picture of Britney Spear’s nipple slip during the American Music Awards in December. Whoops.

Anyways, as the article points out, Britney Spears donated roughly $590,000 in 2005, while Leonardo DiCaprio gave away a paltry $48,025. Once again, we’re not going to blast DiCaprio, since any amount given away to charity is commendable. However, if we were to play devil’s advocate for a moment, we might question why Leo gave only $3,000 to the National Resource Defense Council when he’s such a committed environmentalist? For a guy that commands $12-$15 million per film, you’d think there would be considerable support financially for projects helping to make a difference for the world.

Now, that being said, these are documents that much like Gore’s energy records do not tell the complete story. If you’ve followed Ecorazzi, you would know that Leo has passionately given time to many different causes and charities in an effort to expand awareness. No doubt, there are countless examples that cannot be measured in monetary sums. We just wonder: Would any extra $100,000 grand really hurt? I’m sure his accountants would be all for the tax breaks.

Here’s to hoping 2006 fares a little better. Hit the Fox News article for the donation breakdown — but try not to be distracted.

Thanks to Linton for the tip!

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  • Rose

    I wouldn’t trust FOX with anything they have just quoted as its obvious they haven’t even done their homework on Leonardo. He has given so much money to countless of charities, one million dollars to KATRINA hurracane victims, ome million dollars to the TSUNAMI victims in Asia, sponsored a child in Africa and he is helping her and the orphanage, so much money to others, that I have lost count. Leonardo is very generous and has a heart of gold. I am sure he has given alot to the environment causes where he is a member at in NRDC as well as GLOBAL GREEN, without necessaraly revealing it to the public. He isn’t a media hog like Britney, but rather a very private classy man.