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In honor of the approaching hours of Earth Day, Forbes Magazine has released a list of the “World’s Greenest Billionaires“. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. It especially helps if those with the green are passionate about the environment as well. Here are the cream of the crop according to Forbes:

Not surprisingly, Google Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page come out in the top spot. Not only are they generous with their green investments, but they also take several sustainable practices and implement them throughout their empire. From the article,

“The 500,000-square-foot facility is heated by 9,212 solar panels; all the furniture in one building is made from recycled material, including old blue jeans as wall insulation. Employees can dine (for free) at Café 150, which uses ingredients only from farms within 150 miles of the kitchen. Brin and Page both drive hybrid Toyota Priuses and have made personal investments in Tesla, an electric car maker. And Brin reportedly has a solar-paneled rucksack to power his phone and MP3 player.”

It should also be noted that Google recently developed a program for its European divisions in which they plan on giving each employee a free bike. This is all to discourage driving to work and increase health and sustainability on the Google campuses. For green inspiration in the corporate world, it doesn’t get much better than Google’s efforts.

Also on the list are Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Gates is credited for his investment of $84 million dollars in Pacific Ethanol (Which unfortunately, derives the fuel from corn. At least for the time being.), while Allen’s real estate company is constructing $100 million square feet of housing in Seattle made from environmentally-friendly materials. According to the article, “Microsoft employees also enjoy free access to mass transit and company-subsidized hybrid cars.” Nice.

Hit the jump for more; including pictures of the projects funded by these billionaires. Having lots of green to go green is a beautiful thing.

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